Gilani dissolves cabinet, will downsize it

Pakistan PM announced the dissolution of his cabinet after all ministers submitted their resignations.

Updated: Feb 09, 2011, 15:28 PM IST

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf
Raza Gilani today announced the dissolution of his cabinet
after all federal ministers submitted their resignations as
part of an exercise aimed at refurbishing the government`s

Gilani is now expected to form a smaller council of

The ministers handed in their resignations during a
cabinet meeting chaired by Gilani this afternoon.
The Prime Minister then announced the dissolution of
the cabinet in an address on television.

The government is also required to downsize the
cabinet according to the provisions of a landmark
constitutional reforms package passed last year.

The ruling Pakistan People`s Party had last week
authorised Prime Minister Gilani to dissolve his jumbo cabinet
and form a smaller council of ministers amid demands for
political reforms from the opposition and international

The party`s leadership authorised Gilani to appoint a
smaller cabinet with fewer ministers who have "a reputation of
integrity, competence and efficiency," the party had said.

The PPP was facing pressure from the main opposition
PML-N party and Western donors like the International Monetary
Fund to reduce the size of the federal cabinet and to make
significant cuts in government spending.