Gilani`s son accuses govt of withdrawing security

Former Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani`s son Abdul Qadir Gilani said that he would request the federal government to provide him security.

Updated: Jun 25, 2012, 09:03 AM IST

Lahore: Former Pakistani premier Yousuf Raza Gilani`s son Abdul Qadir Gilani has said that the PML-N government of Punjab province has withdrawn his security cover despite knowing that he had received death threats from the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

"Despite knowing that I am facing threats from the Taliban, the government of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has withdrawn my security cover," Abdul Qadir said.

"Since my father is no more the prime minister, the Punjab government did not hesitate in withdrawing my security. I am going to write to the Punjab Police chief and the home secretary to restore my security," he said.

Abdul Qadir said that if he does not receive a response from the authorities in Punjab, he would request the federal government to provide him security.

"If anything happens to me, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will be responsible," he said.

Nabila Ghazanfar, the spokesperson for the Punjab Police chief, said there were certain security protocols for the prime minister`s family.

"Now the Punjab Police are providing security to Yousuf Raza Gilani`s family members in his capacity as a former prime minister and this is not as extensive as when he was the premier," she said.

The Supreme Court last week disqualified Gilani following his conviction of contempt for refusing to act on orders to revive graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.

Gilani himself has shifted to the heavily guarded presidency in Islamabad due to security concerns.

Abdul Qadir is a member of the Punjab Assembly.

The Pakistan People`s Party has named him as its candidate for the by-poll to the parliamentary seat that became vacant due to Gilani`s disqualification.