Govt to push for political solution to Tamil ethnic problem: PM

Jayaratne said a political solution will be offered for the conflict.

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2011, 21:16 PM IST

Colombo: Prime Minister D M Jayaratne on Tuesday underlined the determination of the government to push for a political solution at the earliest to the decades-old Tamil ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.

"The government has taken steps to make a legal draft
in order to offer a political solution for the people of the
north and east," the prime minister said.

Speaking on a debate in Parliament to extend the
emergency regulations for another month, Jayaratne said a
political solution will be offered for Sri Lanka`s conflict
ridden north and east.

"Initial discussions have already begun," he said.
The LTTE waged a bloody three-decade civil war for a
separate state for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, alleging
discrimination against the minority community at the hands of
the majority Sinhalas.

Government forces crushed the Tamil Tiger rebels in
May 2009, ending the LTTE`s armed struggle for a separate
state in which at least 80,000 people were killed.

India has pushed for a "genuine reconciliation" in
"spirit of understanding and mutual accommodation" after the
end of the three-decade ethnic conflict in May 2009.

India has underlined the need to for a meaningful
devolution process (for the minority Tamil community) building
upon the 13th amendment as it would create the necessary
condition for a lasting political settlement" to the ethnic
issue in the post-LTTE era.

Highlighting the negative role of the Tamil diaspora
in Europe and the US, he said the government was aware of a
move to bring "war crime" charges against the country during
the next month`s session of the UN Human Rights Council in

"The Tamil diaspora operated in the Europe is making
plans in this regard. They are also trying to get support from
several ministers of powerful European nations," he said.

He further said that the LTTE sympathizers were also
working towards getting an unfavourable report from the UN
Secretary General`s expert panel appointed to advise him on
Sri Lanka on alleged war crime charges.