‘Gutted’ B’desh factory owner admits responsibility for deaths

He said that he was never told that the facility did not have proper emergency exits.

Washington: The owner of the clothing factory in Bangladesh that was recently engulfed in a deadly fire has said that he is to be blamed for the deaths of more than 100 workers.

He said that he was never told that the facility did not have proper emergency exits.

“It was my fault,” Delowar Hossain said, according to Bangladesh’s The Daily Star.

“But nobody told me that there was no emergency exit, which could be made accessible from outside. Nobody even advised me to install one like that, apart from the existing ones,” he said.

"I could have done it," he said, "but nobody ever suggested that I do it," he added.

According to ABC News, local labor officials visited the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. factory several times and no safety concerns were raised, Hossain said.

Hossain’s comments come hours after it was reported that several survivors after the fire said they were locked in the building as the flames spread around them.

The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights shared one worker`s account in which the man said collapsible gates had been shut to prevent anyone from escaping even as word of the fire got around.

"We pleaded with [a manager] to let us out, but [he] assured us that nothing was wrong and we should keep working," the witness said, adding: "He told us not to listen to any rumors. He said again, ``Nothing has happened, just keep working.`’

Authorities in Bangladesh have announced arresting three people, all supervisors from the factory, whom the police accused of negligence in their handling of the incident, the report added.


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