Haqqani denies role in ``Army coup fears`` memo

Haqqani has rejected his role in authoring and authorising the disputed memo sent by Mansoor Ijaz through Gen James Jones to Admiral Michael Mullen.

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2012, 18:37 PM IST

Islamabad: Former Pakistani Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani in his reply regarding the memo scandal case in the Supreme Court, has rejected his role in authoring and authorising the disputed memo sent by Mansoor Ijaz through General James Jones to Admiral Michael Mullen.

"No evidence has been presented and recorded by the commission, which establishes his role in authoring or authorising of the memo, which created no tangible threat to Pakistan security as claimed at the time of the setting up of the commission to probe its origin, authenticity and purpose," the Daily Times quoted Advocate on Record Chaudhry Akhtar Ali as stating in the reply submitted.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, objecting to Haqqani`s reply, has returned his statement saying it does not bear his clear signature.

Praying to set aside the commission report, he said, "The report of the commission be set aside and not be considered so that full justice is done and discrimination including persecution of the petitioner (Haqqani) be rectified."

Haqqani pleaded that he did not make the policy of the government of Pakistan and thus had no hand in allocating funds to various departments, including the Pakistani embassies, as alleged in the commission report.

He contended that the commission has also conveniently glossed over the evidence of Mansoor Ijaz where he categorically admitted that he drafted and sent the memo.

Haqqani alleged that the bias and grinding prejudice of the commission is also reflected in several comments they made against him, saying his personal history is misquoted.

He maintained that the commission went beyond its mandate in that it worked as an investigating agency and carried out a roving inquiry without any legal process in Pakistan.