Hillary wants to wander Indian streets sans security

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that it might finally be time to "get off the high wire".

New Delhi: After decades of being in politics, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that it might finally be time to "get off the high wire" and expressed the desire to wander the streets of India without security.

"I have been active in high level politics for last 20 years. I feel it`s time for me to get off the high wire. I would like to come to India and wander without streets being closed and a lot of security," Hillary said while participating in an interaction anchored by a news channel at the La Martiniere school for girls.

Replying to a question on women not being in top political positions in the US, Hillary, 65, said: "Women have held top positions politically in your country in a great display of women empowerment for decades."

"But you still have a lot of women who need to be educated, who don`t have basic protection in families and communities to fulfil their own human destiny. We have broad base of education, but we still have a pretty hard glass ceiling that has not been broken at the presidential level," she said.

Hillary said quotas for women had worked well in India but would not in the US.

"I was very excited to run for president. I was very honoured and pleased with votes I got. But our system is very difficult to navigate, for men and women, but particularly for women. There are two races -- money race and vote race," she said.

"(A) Candidate has to raise millions of dollars during the election and I myself raised tens and millions of dollars used in my campaign. I think we have to keep trying till final glass ceiling be broken," she said.