I have good relations with Army now: Gilani

Last month, the government and the military had differed on the issue of Supreme Court inquiry into memo scandal.

Islamabad: "At the moment I have good
relations" with the powerful military, Pakistan Prime Minister
Yousuf Raza Gilani said, weeks after they had a tense standoff
over the memo scandal.

Asked about his relations with the military during an
interview to al-Jazeera, Gilani, said: "At the moment I have
good relations".

Last month, the government and the military had differed
on the crucial issue of whether the Supreme Court should order
an inquiry into the alleged memo that sought US help to stave
off a military takeover in Pakistan after the killing of Osama
bin Laden in May.

Gilani reiterated his contention that the failure to
detect bin Laden`s presence in Pakistan should be shared by
the world`s intelligence agencies, which were all looking for
the al Qaeda leader.

He said he was "disappointed" that the US conducted a
unilateral raid to kill bin Laden in Abbottabad last year.

"This should have been shared with us. That was the
reason why the unilateral action was not well taken," he said.

Gilani said Pakistan was opposed to US done strike in the
tribal belt bordering Afghanistan as the attacks are
counter-productive and go against his government`s efforts to
isolate tribesmen from the militants.

When there is collateral damage in the drone attacks,
there is a reaction from the tribesmen, who unite with the
militants, leaving "less political space" for the government,
he said.

Responding to another question, Gilani asserted that he
was the chief executive and that his civilian government
controls Pakistan.

"We are following the Constitution of the country.

According to the Constitution, the chief executive is the
Prime Minister. Therefore if you think (anybody else) is
running the country (it) is wrong," he said.


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