‘I would clean shoes of Golden Temple visitors`

The Deputy Attorney General of Pak Muhammad Khurshid Khan paid obeisance at the Golden Temple.

Amritsar: The Deputy Attorney General of
Pakistan Muhammad Khurshid Khan on Tuesday paid obeisance at the
Golden Temple here, and said he "wished long life" for Sarbjit
Singh, who is on death row in Pakistan.

Khan said that Sarbjit`s repatriation to India would lead
to betterment in relation between the two countries.

"He should be repatriated to his Indian nation," Khan
said and hoped Pakistan Government does the needful in this

Reparation of Sarbjit would be significant to make
everlasting peaceful relationship between the two nations.

Sarabjit has been on death row since he was convicted for
alleged involvement in four bomb blasts in 1990 that killed 14
people. The verdict was upheld by the Lahore high court and
the Supreme Court.

He said that he would be in the holy city of Amritsar
for the next fifteen days where most of the time he would
prefer to stay in the Golden Temple, where he would clean and
dust the shoes of visitors.

Adding further he said that he would also work in the
Langar (community Kitchen) of the Temple and cook food for
devotees as it makes him eternally happy and spiritually

He said that earlier yesterday he also paid obeisance in
the Sikh Gurdwara Rakabganj in Delhi where he cleaned shoes
of devotees.

He said in Pakistan he used to visit in Sikh shrines as
all such practices extended him mental peace and calmness in
mind when useless chain of thoughts of human being seized.

Talking about the fundamentalists in Pakistan, Khan said
may God bless them with wise thoughts for the larger interests
of humanity.

Commenting about the disturbed state of affair in
Pakistan he said that now situation was altogether different
as Government was keen enough to make the country peaceful
even many part of the world were facing disturbed situation.