`Imperialists targeting Lanka to influence India`

Sri Lankan PM DM Jayaratne said imperialists want to see India disintegrate into fragments.

Colombo: Imperialists who want to see India disintegrate into fragments are targeting Sri Lanka in order to influence the neighbouring country, Prime Minister DM Jayaratne said.

"This is a campaign to see India disintegrate into the formation of smaller states like the fragmentation of the Soviet Union," Jayaratne said.

His comments came while referring to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon`s special panel report on Sri Lanka which accuses the country of war crimes.

It is the wish of imperialists to see India disintegrate, the Sri Lankan Premier claimed.

The United Nations wants Sri Lanka to investigate the alleged killings of civilians during the last stages of the war against the LTTE.

Sri Lanka denies any civilian killings and dubs the move as an international conspiracy to help the defeated LTTE.


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