Imran Khan reveals about failed marriage in book

In ‘Pakistan: A Personal History’, Imran Khan gave his first personal account of how he failed to mix politics and married life.

London: Imran Khan has revealed in his new book that he understood how people lose the will to live after divorce, after his own marriage with Jemima Goldsmith failed to last.

In ‘Pakistan: A Personal History’, the former Pakistani skipper gave his first personal account of how he failed to mix politics and married life, and wrote that the six months leading up to his divorce and the six months after it, was the hardest year of his life.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that it affected his two sons too, who were then aged eight and five.

“The children’s obvious distress exacerbated the misery....Sulaiman, being older, felt it more and seeing his pain doubled my pain,” the Telegraph quoted Khan as writing.

“I missed them terribly. Nothing filled the void.”

“I loved fatherhood more than anything I had ever experienced in life...Now not having them around was the hardest thing to come to terms with.”

“For the first time I began to understand how people could lose the will to live,” he wrote.

He said that there was no acrimony in the divorce and his children visit him in Pakistan during their school holidays and he stays with his mother-in-law Lady Annabel Goldsmith, when he visits them in London.

In the book that charts his rise from political no-hoper, he said that when he married 21-year-old Goldsmith in 1995, he had no intention of setting up his own political party.


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