In Pakistan, Hindus launch movement for protection

The president of Hindu Jamaat in Pakistan has slammed ministers for making no efforts to provide protection to Hindu community across Sindh.

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2012, 11:29 AM IST

Islamabad: President of Hindu Jamaat in Pakistan, Babu Mahesh Mukhi, has slammed Sindh Minority Affairs Minister Mohan Lal Kohistani and Excise and Taxation Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla for making no efforts to provide protection to the Hindu community across Sindh.

Announcing a protest movement for protecting the Hindu community, Mukhi expressed fury against provincial minister Chawla for rebuffing media reports pertaining to the issue of migration of Hindu communities from Sindh, especially Jacobabad district, to India.

“Hindu Community of Sindh is under threat every time and feeling insecure as a result, several families had migrated to India and other countries during some last years,” the Daily Times quoted Mukhi, as saying.

As over 200 Hindus crossed the border to enter India from Pakistan, Mukhi accused Kohistani of paying no attention towards resolving the difficulties faced by the Hindu communities and providing them with no protection.

“They all got visas for paying religious worship in India but some people may return back home due to security issues in Sindh,” he said.

Earlier, MNA Aijaz Jakhrani, while addressing a press conference, had rejected a media report on the migration of Hindu families, who left due to feeling insecure in Sindh, especially in the Jacobabad district.

“Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is only leading political party of the country which had protected minority rights across the country, especially in Sindh. Hindus believe Sindh land like mother and they do not want to leave it at any cost,” he had said.