India-educated Nepali MP resorts to Gandhigiri

With Nepal facing a constitutional crisis, the country`s youngest MP has resorted to Gandhigiri.

Kathmandu: With Nepal facing a
constitutional crisis, the country`s youngest MP has resorted
to Gandhigiri to impress upon the warring political parties to
bridge their differences for a consensus on extending the term
of the Constituent Assembly, whose term expires on May 28.

Twenty-seven-year-old Abhishek Pratap Shah who was
educated in India, represents the Kapilvastu parliamentary
constituency began his fast on Tuesday against the current
political instability plaguing Nepal.

Nepal`s 22-party ruling coalition had last week
introduced a bill in the 601-Assembly to extend the term of
the House for one year so that it can finish the task of
framing a Constitution.

CPN-Maoist party, with 229 parliamentary seats, have
refused to cooperate in extending the Assembly till the Prime
Minister steps down.

"Fast is the biggest non-violent weapon and Mahatma
Gandhi used it. I am inspired by him and even Nelson Mandela,"
Shah told.

"Nepal has seen bandhs, gherao and hartal numerous
times which have all hampered Nepal`s economy. People here
don`t support any such moves now. My fast is just another way
to lodge people`s protest to the entire situation," Shah, who
has completed his education from Lucknow, said.

Shah said, "It is time for the youth to come forward
and join the political system for a change. It is important
that a solution is found to the current political turmoil."

According to experts, Nepal seems to be heading
towards a constitutional crisis after the ruling alliance and
the main Opposition refused to budge from their old position.

Political analysts have warned that the country would
face a constitutional crisis if the parties failed to extend
the term of the House before it expires on May 28.

The failure of the government and Opposition leaders
to resolve disagreements could leave the country without a
functioning legislature by the weekend.

Diplomatic exercises have also intensified in the
wake of the ongoing political stalemate.

A European Union delegation arrived in Kathmandu
and started consultation with key players of Nepal.
Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood, also met
Prime Minister at his office and discussed the latest
political developments, according to sources.


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