India should deal with nuclear Pak: Donald Trump

Donald Trump called for cutting the annual USD 3.2 billion aid to Islamabad.

Updated: May 13, 2011, 00:23 AM IST

New York: Donald Trump, the business
tycoon, who may take his chances at becoming the next American
president in 2012, has said that India should deal with a
nuclear capable Pakistan while calling for cutting the annual
USD 3.2 billion aid to Islamabad until it ended its atomic
weapons programme.

Trump said that if he was in President Barack Osama’s
shoes, he would cut of the annual USD 3.2 billion aid to
Pakistan until the country gave up its nuclear programme.

The business tycoon, who is expected to announce soon
whether he is planning to run for Republican nomination for
the White House in 2012, said the "big problem" with Pakistan
is that it has nuclear weapons.

"India is next to Pakistan. Maybe India should work
out the problem, not the United States," Trump told FOX News
in an interview this week.

"But the fact is, we give Pakistan USD 3.2 billion,
and what do they do?" he said, adding "They go out and buy
nuclear weapons. Unless they get rid of those weapons, I
wouldn`t give them 10 cents."

Martha Maccallum, the host of the show, asked Trump:
And then the next minute, they threaten India with those
nuclear weapons. And then what do you say??
"India is India," Trump responded. "And frankly India
is a strong nation that is very good at protecting itself and
frankly in some cases would have liked to protect itself," he

He said the US is supposed to be the policemen of the
world and yet "we can`t build our own railroads, we can`t
build bridges, we can`t build schools, we can`t build
roadways, he said. We can`t do anything because we`re
policing the world."

The business tycoon has come under a great deal of
criticism in recent weeks, especially from the left leaning
media, after he raised the question of President Osama’s
birthplace, forcing the White House to release his birth
certificate that confirms he was born in Hawaii.

While opinion polls in favour of Obama, who has
already announced his reelection bid, have jumped to 60 per
cent after the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden,
Trump has been crashing at the polls.

The Apprentice host also lashed out at the Obama
administration’s handling of China for "their manipulation of
their currency in order to take jobs and manufacture all of
our things and taking away our jobs."

"Nobody has hit China harder than Donald Trump over
the last couple of months,? he said.
Trump noted that if he decided to run in the next
elections, he would rather do it as a Republican and not an
independent, to avoid splitting the Republican vote.