Indian gangster behind new murder attempt in Nepal

Uday Shetty plotted the murder of Fahim Shah, owner of a manpower agency in Kathmandu, police said.

Kathmandu: Three months after an Indian shooter was arrested for trying to kill inside Nepal`s most tightly guarded prison a former Nepali minister`s son involved in the circulation of fake Indian currency, another Indian underworld member has now been traced by police as the mastermind behind a fresh murder attempt in the capital.

Uday Shetty, henchman of Indian gang lord Fazl-ur-Rehman and in 2003 named as the man who threatened a sari baron in India, allegedly on behalf of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, plotted the murder of Fahim Shah, owner of a manpower agency in Kathmandu, police said Sunday.

Six days ago, two motorcycle-borne assailants had tried to kill Shah inside his Grand Shikhar Overseas recruitment agency in the capital but failed.

Shah is related to Jamim Shah, a cable TV mogul who was gunned down in broad daylight in the capital last year while going home in his car.

Jamim Shah was alleged to be one of the kingpins of the fake Indian currency network in Nepal and believed by Indian intelligence agencies to be acting on orders from Dawood Ibrahim, one of the most wanted terrorists on India`s list.

His killers were never caught and another Indian gangster, Babloo Srivastav, said he planned the murder from his prison cell in India`s Uttar Pradesh state.

On Sunday, Nepal police produced four men, saying they had been arrested for the attempt on Fahim Shah`s life.

Two of them, including the person who fired the gun and his accomplice who drove the getaway motorcycle, are 19 years old.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Rajendra Singh Bhandari said the plot was masterminded by Uday Shetty, who promised to pay the group of four NRS 10 lakh to carry out the contract killing.

Two years ago, Shetty was arrested from the Indo-Nepal border during police investigations into a series of kidnappings that targeted Kathmandu`s rich businessmen.

Currently, he is lodged in Kathmandu`s Central Prison, which has become the hub of criminal activities in Nepal.

In February, an Indian contract killer, whose real identity is still not clear, entered the same prison and tried to gun down Yunus Ansari, son of former minister Salim Miyan Ansari, another Indian fake currency gang leader.

Ansari however survived and police caught the assailant, who is now believed to be linked to Shetty and others inside the prison.

The reason for the attack on Fahim Shah was not clear.

There has been speculation that he was attacked due to his closeness to Jamim Shah and that he could be involved in the fake currency network as well, a speculation that he denied in a statement issued last week.

A section of the local media claimed they were rung up by a man from Australia who claimed the attack on Shah was due to his role in the fake currency racket.

Police Sunday said the gang was trying to extort Fahim Shah and that the call was a red herring.

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