Indian HC to Maldives rejects role in coup

Indian High Commissioner to Maldives DM Mulay termed as "baseless" the allegations of his involvement in the coup.

Male: Under attack from the ousted President Mohammed Nasheed`s party MDP, Indian High Commissioner to Maldives D M Mulay on Tuesday termed as "baseless" and "flight of fancy" the allegations regarding his involvement in the recent change of government here.

During their visit to India last month with Nasheed, MDP`s senior leadership in an interview to a magazine had claimed that Mulay was involved in the February 7 transfer of power, which Nasheed claims was a "coup".

"All allegations are absolutely baseless and are certainly flight of fancy. Such utterances are also not in keeping with the excellent spirit of cooperation between India and Maldives.

"It is important that nothing should be done to harm the strong relations and we should strive to build further on them. We also believe that these statements will not come in the way of the goodwill and friendship between our two nations," Mulay said in a statement here.

The magazine`s report has been referred to in the local media, with the first report carried in Minivan Daily, an English online based in Maldives which has close links to Nasheed`s party.

Today, prominent media groups Haveeru Online and Sun Online carried the same news as their headline.

Observers in Maldives are questioning the motive behind the interview and the publication, as no evidence against Mulay has been provided by the MDP leadership while making these allegations.