Insurgents kill two NATO soldiers in Afghanistan

A bomb explosion and an insurgent attack killed two NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

Kabul: A bomb explosion and an insurgent
attack killed two NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, where over
150,000 international troops are fighting Taliban militants
along side Afghan forces, the alliance said on Sunday.

One soldier with the NATO-led International Security
Assistance Force (ISAF) was killed early today morning in an
insurgent attack in relatively peaceful northern Afghanistan,
NATO said in a press statement.

Separately, another ISAF soldier was killed by a
road-side bomb in southern Afghanistan, ISAF said.
Home-made bombs, or improvised explosive devices (IEDs),
cause the majority of casualties among foreign and Afghan
troops fighting the Taliban.

NATO did not release the nationalities of the two
soldiers, but the incident took the number of foreign troops
killed in the war so far this year to 553 the deadliest on

The United States and NATO allies have increased the
number of foreign troops fighting a nine-year Taliban
insurgency in Afghanistan to more than 152,000.

US-led forces have stepped up attacks on insurgents since
the spring as part of a new strategy aiming to root out
Taliban militants before drawing down their military presence
next year.


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