Interpol issues Red Corner notice for 5 American Muslims
Last Updated: Sunday, January 03, 2010, 17:37
Lahore: Interpol has issued Red Corner notices for five American Muslim youths arrested in Pakistan last month for alleged terror links but authorities plan to put them on trial under local anti-terrorism laws, a senior police official said on Sunday.

"Interpol has issued the red warrants for them but we will first try them under our own laws before entertaining any such request," said Usman Anwar, the police chief of Sargodha district, where the youths were arrested.

"They will be indicted in the Sargodha district and sessions' court on January 4 under the Anti-Terrorism Act and Pakistan Penal Code for criminal conspiracy against the state and plotting terror attacks in Pakistan and a foreign land," Anwar told a news agency.

The five youths could face life imprisonment if they are convicted under the charges framed by the Pakistani police.

Waqar Hussain Khan, 22, Ahmed Abdullah Minni, 20, Ramy Zamzam, 22, Iman Hassan Yemer, 17 and Omar Farooq, 24 were arrested in Sargodha on December 9.

The Lahore High Court has already ruled that they cannot be extradited or handed over to any foreign agency without the court being informed.

The International Criminal Police Organisation ? is an organisation of 188 countries facilitating international police cooperation.


First Published: Sunday, January 03, 2010, 17:37

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