‘ISI agent Fai ran Kashmir propaganda in UK also’

Fai, 62, hosted events for British lawmakers to promote Pakistani interests on Kashmir.

London: Kashmiri separatist Ghulam Nabi Fai,
who has been charged with being an undeclared agent of ISI in
the US, was also a director of a UK-based organisation,
promoting Pakistani interest on Kashmir, a media report said.

Fai, who heads the Washington-based Kashmiri American
Council (KAC) was arrested by FBI for allegedly collaborating
with Pakistan`s spy agency by "clandestinely" funnelling
hundreds and thousands of dollars to change the view of
American lawmakers on Kashmir.

Fai, 62, was also a director of the Justice Foundation
based in Bloomsbury, which hosted events for British lawmakers
to promote Pakistani interests on Kashmir, using millions of
dollars of covert funding, the Daily Telegraph said.

"MPs hosted events in Parliament for an organistation
which has been accused of being a front for Pakistani spies,
it can be disclosed," it reported.

The Justice Foundation is alleged to have been promoting
Pakistani interests over Kashmir, using millions of dollars of
covert funding, it said. The executive director of the
foundation in London is Nazir Ahmad Shawl.

The scandal follows the arrest last year of Katia
Zatuliveter, a House of Commons researcher accused of being a
Russian spy.

The Daily Telegraph said that Fai was also a director of
the Justice Foundation based in Bloomsbury, central London,
alongside three British men and two Indian nationals, one of
them based in Saudi Arabia.

US prosecutors claim that three "Kashmir Centers" in
Washington, London and Brussels, are run on behalf of
"elements of the Pakistani government, including Pakistan`s
military intelligence service, the Inter-Services Intelligence
Agency (ISI)."

The British organisation claims it is a "non-partisan,
non-governmental organisation that seeks justice and peace for
the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir, not aligning itself
with any of the political parties of India or Pakistan."

The foundation hosted Maulana Fazlur Rehman, whose party
the JUI is said to have links to the Taliban, during a
controversial visit to Britain last year.

At a two day conference at the Hilton Hotel and in the
House of Commons in March 2006, messages of support and good
wishes were read out from Tony Blair, then the Prime Minister
and Ken Livingston, then the Mayor of London, and from the
Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Sir Jonathon
Sacks, the Chief Rabbi.

Among those who addressed the conference were the Labour
MPs Martin Salter, then secretary of the all party
parliamentary group on Kashmir, and Khalid Mahmood, along with
the Tory MP Humfrey Malins.

At an earlier conference on the Pakistan earthquake,
Hilary Benn, then the International Development Minister, was
the keynote speaker.

Tory politicians included Baroness Warsi, then
vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, and MP Paul Goodman
as well as the Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen.

The organisation ran an event in the House of Lords last
year chaired by Lord Ahmed, the Labour peer, who also
registered a trip to Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir
from February 19 to 27 this year in the register of member`s
interests, for which the travel and accommodation was provided
by Justice Foundation.

A telephone number for the foundation was not connected
and no one responded to an email request for comment. The
Pakistan High Commission also failed to respond to a request
for comment.


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