ISI `closest collaborators` of US: Pak envoy

The Pakistani spy agency ISI is one of its "closest collaborators.

Washington: The Obama administration
depends on Islamabad in its war against terrorism and the
Pakistani spy agency ISI is one of its "closest
collaborators," despite it being "maligned a lot in the
media," Pakistan`s ambassador here has said.

"Pakistan is an American ally. America depends on
Pakistan. We can`t and do not do everything that the Americans
think we should do because sometimes we don`t have the
capacity, sometimes we don`t have the means," Hussein Haqqani

"We work those things out, and that is exactly what we
are doing right now," he said Haqqani claimed that the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is co-operating fully with the CIA in its
war against terrorism, despite that it has been maligned much
in the West.

"Even though the ISI is maligned a lot in the media,
the fact remains that it is one of the closest collaborators,
partners, and allies of US intelligence, Haqqani told the
CNN in an interview.

He referred to the latest unearthing of plot by the
CIA and European intelligence agencies that eight Germans, two
British brothers, who are hiding out in northern Waziristan as
part of the plan to launch a Mumbai-type attack in European

"In this particular instance, the United States is
very happy, I can say this on your show, that American
officials have told us that the quality of cooperation they
have received from the ISI is really 100 percent," he said.

The top envoy said Pakistan will take action against
extremists at its own pace and will, whose time line can’t be
dictated by the west.

"We will target them with American help, but it will
be technical help. It will not be personnel on ground,"
Haqqani said.

Noting that the local situation in Pakistan is that
the US is not very popular amongst its public, Haqqani
asserted that an elected democratic government in Pakistan is
limited by public opinion to the extent of what it can do.

He said it was not "a question of unwilling or
unable", but a question of terrain, of geography.

"Sometimes people in the United States think about
Pakistan and they think that it`s all flat land with
everything visible. Even the drones cannot identify everyone
in north Waziristan because of the complexity of terrain,"
Haqqani said.

"What is going on right now is that Pakistan is
saying, we will take care of our terrorists on the Pakistani
side of the border, but we will do it on our time line," he

"We can`t always follow a time line that our allies
set for us, because we are allies, not a satellite, Haqqani