ISI not supporting Taliban: Musharraf

Mush condemns West for accusing Pak of being behind extremism in society.

Washington: Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has termed it as a "misunderstanding" that the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), continues to give sustenance and support to the Taliban.

"I take very strong exception to these statements which have been going on maybe since 2004 because of a misunderstanding of ground realities," Musharraf told ABC`s `This Week` programme in an interview.

Reacting to a report that said Pakistan has not done enough against the al Qaeda even after nine years into the global war against terror, Musharraf said: "Pakistan has always been accused of not doing enough, but I totally disagree with this statement. Pakistan is doing enough."

"Don`t generalise the statement that the Pakistan Army is not doing enough. They have suffered over 2,000 casualties. What do we mean by not doing enough?" he said.

He stressed the need to enter into political agreements to end the conflict in the country.

"My strategy always was to strike a deal, strike a deal to win away Pashtun from the Taliban. This is, in my view, vindicated now when everyone is talking of going into some political agreements with moderate Taliban," he said.

The former president also condemned the West for accusing Pakistan of being behind the extremism in society.

"We are suffering hundreds of people dying from bomb blasts and suicide bombs, and yet we are the rogues."

"And it is in our own interest to deal with it. We don`t want the United States to help us," he said.

Musharraf launched a new political party, the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), in London on October 01. The party would contest the elections in 2013.

The former military general said he plans to return to his country ahead of the polls.

"I have to create an environment of popularity, of political clout, and then I will go. I will be there before the elections."