Jones not visiting Pak for Memogate probe: Munter

US Ambassador to Pakistan also denied that Washington is holding peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

Islamabad: US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said that former US national security adviser General (retd) James Jones has no intention to visit Pakistan to record his statements in the ongoing Memogate probe.

Munter was speaking at the inauguration of a four-day international conference on ‘Archaeology and Cultural heritage in Pakistan and adjacent regions’ organised by the American Institute of Pakistan Studies in collaboration with the US embassy and the Ministry of National Heritage and Integration.

Munter also admitted that the past year had been bad for the Pakistan-US ties but expressed hope that 2012 would bring about significant improvement in their relations.

“I hope it will be very positive in 2012 and time will tell how it works,” The Express Tribune quoted Munter, as saying.

He said the US would respect the decision of the Pakistan Parliament regarding the review of ties with the latter, as a response to the November 26 air strike, which had killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

“My understanding is that they [Parliament] are coming to the end of this assessment and it will begin a period where American and Pakistani leaders will be in touch with each other,” he said.

He added that the Pakistan would decide on re-opening the NATO supply route as a part of a review of its ties with the US.

“We can leave it to the Pakistani authorities who are reviewing the parliamentary assessment,” Munter said.

Munter also denied that the US is holding peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar, and stressed that both Pakistan and the US are committed “to a peaceful, successful, prosperous Afghanistan”.