Kabul governor quits over lack of resources

Governor of the province containing the Afghan capital Kabul has resigned.

Kabul: The governor of the province
containing the Afghan capital Kabul has resigned, accusing
President Hamid Karzai`s government of bypassing his authority
and breaking promises.

Zabihullah Mujadadi, who took charge of Kabul province
around two years ago, also said that central government had
failed to provide him with sufficient resources.
"The Kabul province governorship is a rather symbolic
post. When I took over I was promised this would be changed
but still nothing has been changed so I prefer to resign,"
said Mujadadi, an engineer from a pro-Karzai family.

"There are very little resources provided to Kabul
province. I wanted more budget and more control but none was
provided as I was promised at the beginning," added Mujadadi
today, a day after he handed in his resignation.
He is expected to remain in his post until the end of
March. Karzai`s office was not available for comment.

Karzai`s administration is frequently accused of
corruption and weak governance by experts and Western
officials ahead of a planned transition of responsibility for
security from international to Afghan security forces in 2014.

Bureau Report