Karzai hopes for peace in two years

Afghan Prez said hopes within the next two years to significantly improve security in Afghanistan.

Kabul: President Hamid Karzai said on Wednesday,
he hopes within the next two years to significantly improve
security in Afghanistan, which has been mired in conflict with
the Taliban for almost a decade.

Afghanistan`s neighbours support a peace process with
the Taliban, and hopes were high for an improvement in the
security, he said.

"We are in good contact with our neighbours. They
support this peace process," Karzai told a development
conference in Kabul.

"We are hopeful that we will all see improvement in
the security situation of our country in one year or two, the
security situation will, inshallah (God willing), be far
better than what we have had today and yesterday," he said.

US President Barack Obama was to be updated today on
talks between Taliban leaders and Karzai`s government, for
which NATO has been guaranteeing safe passage for some members
of the rebel group.

The White House said Obama would sit down with
military and civilian advisers for the monthly update on US
operations in the war, before leaving on a mid-term election
campaign swing.

Karzai this month set up a High Council for Peace to
head up his plans for dialogue with the Taliban and other
insurgent groups.

Members of the council say the Taliban have signalled
a "willingness" for a political solution and NATO`s commander
in Afghanistan said his troops had helped at least one Taliban
leader get to Kabul to meet Afghan officials.

Karzai said hopes for peace rose after a conference of
national community, political and religious leaders in June
gave him the go ahead to open dialogue with the Taliban.

"Hope for peace in Afghanistan has increased, the
international community and our neighbours and our people are
all trying hard towards peace," he said.


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