Karzai inaugurates Afghan peace council

An Afghan peace council has been appointed to broker peace with the Taliban.

Kabul: Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday inaugurated a peace council appointed to broker peace with the Taliban and other insurgents fighting for nine years against his administration.

"Dear elders, today`s meeting is the inaugural meeting of our High Peace Council," Karzai told the start of the opening session at his heavily-fortified palace in the Afghan capital, to which journalists were invited.

On Thursday, the conflict in Afghanistan moved into a 10th year by marking the ninth anniversary since US-led operations began in Afghanistan after the Taliban refused to surrender al Qaeda leaders over the September 11 attacks.

"Every province, every district and every village are awaiting the High Peace Council efforts... that under your efforts, peace be established in this land," said Karzai, renewing his call on the Taliban to come to the table.

"To the opposition, be they the Taliban or anyone who wants to serve his country, we call on them to take the opportunity and respond to this effort and help bring peace to this country," he said.

Bureau Report