LeT`s annual military budget is $ 5.2 mn

The annual military operations budget of LeT is a whopping USD 5.2 million.

Washington: The annual military operations
budget of terror outfit LeT is a whopping USD 5.2 million,
according to a secret US document which gives details about
the outfit`s fund raising activities, some of which comes
through Jamaat-ud-Dawah`s charitable networks.

The information is contained in a non-paper prepared
by the American intelligence community, and shared with the
Pakistan in August 2009 at the direction of Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton and gives a deep insight into the fund
raising, financing and various outfits of LeT.

The document says that Hafiz Saeed continues to lead
both the LeT and its front organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawah and
that some of the funds collected in the name of charitable
activities have also been used for planning terror attacks.

The fund is raised through a variety of sources mainly
from private donations, NGOs, madrassas and business spread
throughout South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The non-paper that puts LeT`s annual budget at more
than Rs 23 crore, was used by Clinton to buttress her point
and convey to Pakistan about her decision to oppose delisting
of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and its leader Hafiz Saeed from the Al Qaeda
and Taliban Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council.

The non-paper says that the US intelligence community
assesses that Hafiz Muhamad Saeed is leader of Lashkar-e-
Taiba and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi is LeT`s operations commander
and they continue to run the organisation despite being
detained for their role in the Mumbai attacks.

"We also judge that they have planned, directed, and
executed LT attacks throughout South Asia and likely have used
some funds collected in the name of JuD`s charitable
activities to support multiple LT terrorist operations,
including the November Mumbai attacks," it said.

"The Community assesses that Saeed continues to lead
both organisations. However, the Community is unable to assess
to what extent senior JuD leaders such as Saeed are involved
in specific terrorist operations or the level of detail to
which they are knowledgeable about specific past and pending
attacks," it said.

It says as of mid-July, Lakhvi was responsible for the
LeT`s military operations budget of Pakistani Rupees 365
million that is approximately USD 5.2 million per year.
He reportedly used the money to purchase all materials
required for LeT operations other than weapons and ammunition,
according to a source claiming direct and ongoing access to LT
leaders, the non-paper said.

"The Community assesses that JuD fundraising has
relied heavily on private donations, non-governmental
organisations (NGOs), madrassas, and businesses spread
throughout South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
"Some of JuD`s budget, using funds raised both from
witting donors and by fraud, is dedicated to social services
or humanitarian relief projects, while some is used to finance
LT operations," it said.


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