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Like Mush, AQ Khan a hit on Facebook too!

Pakistan`s disgraced nuclear scientist has a strong following on Facebook.

Islamabad: Pakistan`s disgraced nuclear scientist AQ Khan has a strong following on social networking website Facebook - even though it may not be Khan who is posting on his fan page.

"This unofficial fan page of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was created for the millions who want to voice their appreciation and gratitude to this great man as well as have a platform for discussion on current Pakistani events," reads the note on the "Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan" public figure page.

Though the fan page was launched sometime last year, the activity on the page has picked up since June.

At last count there were about 92,000 Facebookers following Khan.

The format and contents of the fan page are quite similar to that of former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf, who has used the social networking site to connect to his fans in a big way.

And "Khan" has been posting food for thought for fellow Pakistanis a la Musharraf.

"Great to see 165,675 members on Quaid-e-Azam`s page. Let`s all try our best to get +200,000 members before August 14th! And while we are on this topic, let me ask.”

"If our great Quaid-e-Azam were to come back to Pakistan for one day what would you say to him? Most importantly what do you think he would say to you?" reads the note by "Khan".

From reformation of the Pakistani education system, the energy crisis in the country, to a solution to the Kashmir problem -- all important issues are being discussed on this fan page.

"For 60+ years Kashmir has been a disputed piece of land under occupation by Indian forces. Although a UN resolution was passed to resolve the dispute, do you think it will ever happen? Yes or No? And why?”

“Lastly, what do you think is the best eventual outcome for Occupied Kashmir? Should it remain with India? Should it join Pakistan? Or should it really become an `Azad` Kashmir," reads the thread started by "Khan" a few hours ago.

In a related note, "Khan" urges Pakistanis to support "Kashmiri brothers and sisters in Occupied Kashmir".

"We are all disturbed and angered by the recent Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir against innocent civilians. Many children and elders have been targeted by the Indian forces throughout the occupied valley.”

“When will India realise that Kashmiris do not (and have never) wanted to be under Indian rule? Let us all support our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in occupied Kashmir during this troubling time?"

The note on FB page informs that "Khan" is affiliated to "Khan Research Laboratories", which is located in Rawalpindi Cantonment.


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