Maldivian Prez`s brother quits, denounces new regi

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan`s brother has resigned and asked his brother to follow suit, describing his new government as "illegitimate".

Male: President Mohamed Waheed Hassan`s
brother, the Deputy High Commissioner of the Maldives to the
UK, has resigned and asked his brother to follow suit,
describing his new government as "illegitimate".

"I have resigned from my post of Deputy High Commissioner
as of now. I have resigned because I cannot serve a regime
that has brought down the democratically elected government of
my country in a coup d`etat," said Naushad Waheed Hassan told
reporters in London.

"Some of you may question why I have not resigned before.
When the coup was unfolding in the early hours of February 7,
my initial reaction was to resign immediately.

However, as you all know, the leader of the current
regime, Mohamed Waheed Hassan, is my own brother. So I decided
to take time to make my own enquiries before I came to a
conclusion. And it is with a heavy heart that I have to say
that this is indeed an illegitimate government and I cannot be
party to it."

Meanwhile, when asked about his brother`s resignation and
denouncement of the his regime, President Waheed said, "I
didn`t appoint my brother to the High Commission. He was
appointed by the former President and so you know where his
loyalties are. And so if he has decided to quit, I respect his

"This is a small country and so you will find that in a
house, there are people who belong to different political
parties. So it does not surprise me".

But when asked on the personal accusations made by his
brother, the President said, "I have no comments".


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