Man buries his two-day old daughter alive in Pak

A man in Pakistan`s Punjab province has been arrested for burying his day-old daughter alive over her `ugly` face, Geo News reported.

Lahore: In a horrific incident, a father in Pakistan`s Punjab province allegedly buried alive his two-day-old daughter because her face was deformed.

Chand Khan, a resident of Kacha Khu area in Khanewal city, allegedly buried the girl yesterday and has now been arrested.

His brother and son were present at the burial, which was conducted after a cleric offered funeral prayers. The child`s mother was still in hospital at the time.

The cleric got suspicious after he heard the infant crying during the rituals and informed local residents.

Khan, his brother and son were handed over to police by the local residents, officials said.

Omar Farooq, the doctor who delivered the baby, told the media that the girl was healthy but had an unusually large face and her features were "not normal".

Khan claimed his daughter had died at birth and the cleric had imagined he had heard her crying during the funeral.

Khan has five other children three boys and two girls.
One of Khan`s sons, Shehbaz, claimed he had his father had done the right thing by burying the girl alive.