Maoists announce constitution with strong Presidency

Nepal`s Maoists have made public a draft constitution with strong Presidency.

Kathmandu: Nepal`s Maoists have made
public a draft constitution for the country which entails a
head-of-state directly elected by the people with all the
executive powers vested in the President.

On the day Nepal its second Republic Day on May 29,
the Maoists published their draft constitution.

As per the constitution, president will be directly
elected by the people and all executive powers will be vested
upon him. The president will be head of the state, executive
head and supreme commander in-chief of the army staff, senior
Maoist leader Nara Bahadur Karmachaya said.

The constitution also has a provision for compulsory
military training for all able bodied Nepalese above 18 years
of age.

The Maoists had planned to announce a constitution
amid the deadlock with the government over the promulgation of
a new constitution for the country.

The draft constitution has a provision for a federal
structure with 12 autonomous states, 10 in the hilly region
and 2 in the Madhesi region in the Terai plains bordering

As per the constitutional provision political parties
can be set-up for multi-party competition, according the
Maoist sources.

In envisages three tier judiciary with the Supreme
Court at the top and regional and local courts at the lower

Top Maoist leader and party`s Vice Chairman Baburam
Bhattarai blamed the ruling alliance for the delay in drafting
the statute on time as tasked by the 2006 peace agreement
between the former rebels and the interim government led by G
P Koirala.


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