Military fanning Talibanisation in Pak: Editorial

People believe that if Pak military wanted it could have stop creating a pro-Taliban environment in Pakistan.

Islamabad: The Pakistani military`s power is so wide-ranging that people believe that if it wanted to stop the JuD-backed Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) from creating a pro-Taliban environment in Pakistan, it could have prevented its long march, an editorial in a Pakistani daily has said.

There is no doubt that the Taliban are a power to reckon with in Pakistan but what should be worrisome is the similarity of worldview between them and the other power centres inside Pakistan, the editorial in The Express Tribune stated.

The Taliban have pledged to disrupt the NATO supplies, while the national media is overwhelmingly projecting a near universal opposition to the reopening of the NATO routes, it added.

This makes governance almost impossible, especially in a country where a sizeable chunk thinks that the Taliban view is the right view. As the Supreme Court goes after the prime minister, the weakened parliament is faced with a consensus led by the Taliban and their globally active master al Qaeda, it further said.

What is worrying is not that the Taliban and their master al Qaeda have spread their wings all over Pakistan; what is alarming is that the thinking of the important institutions, the media, the political parties inside and outside Parliament, and the army seem to be in agreement with this isolationist global terrorist movement, it added.

Today, if one wants to enter politics in Pakistan and wants to survive, he has to push two buttons: one anti-American and the other pro-Taliban, saying they have become terrorists because of America and will go back to being good citizens the moment the Americans leave Afghanistan, it concluded.


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