Mullah Omar sends envoy for Afghan peace talks

Taliban`s spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has given his blessing to Afghan peace talks.

London: Taliban`s spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, who is living in exile in Pakistan, has given his blessing to Afghan peace talks and sent a "trusted envoy" to meet British, American and German officials to stabilise Afghanistan.

Abdul Hakim Mujahid, a former Taliban ambassador to Islamabad and one-time envoy to the United Nations in New York, said Omar had personally authorised his senior aide, Taib Agha, to meet western officials in Qatar.

Taib Agha worked as the first secretary at the Taliban embassy in Pakistan before he moved to Kandahar to run Mullah Omar`s private office.

He further said that the Gulf state was now the front-runner to host negotiations and a Taliban office.

"Mullah Mohammad Omar himself has agreed for a kind of reconciliation. That was the message he sent to the world community by his (envoy]," Mujahid told The Scotsman.

Mullah Omar, the one-eyed Taleban leader, is widely seen as the only person who could authorise a nationwide ceasefire in Afghanistan, but until now negotiators were unclear if he supported talks.

"The whole legitimacy for resistance here in Afghanistan is in (Mullah Omar’s] leadership. If he doesn’t agree with the continuation of resistance no one else will have his kind of legitimacy, so therefore you can say his opinion is the most important," said Mujahid.

He said a former Taliban diplomat was arranging "informal meetings" at his home in Qatar.


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