‘Mush `lunged` at ex-Afghan spy chief over Osama’

Musharraf lunged at an Afghan spy chief Amrullah Saleh in 2007 after being confronted with inputs on Osama presence in Pak.

Washington: Former Pakistan President
Pervez Musharraf "lunged" at the then Afghan intelligence
chief in 2007 after being confronted with inputs on al Qaeda
chief Osama bin Laden`s presence in Mansehra city, not far
from Abbottabad, where he was eventually killed by US forces.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai had to intervene to save
his former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh in the meeting
that took place four years back, American news network CBS
News reported.

Saleh said he had confronted Musharraf back in 2007 on
the issue of bin Laden.

"He told him that Afghan intelligence believed bin
Laden was in the Pakistani city of Mansehra. Saleh told us
Musharraf was so offended that he lunged at him, and that
Afghan President Hamid Karzai had to intervene," CBS News said
in a report.

Mansehra is just 19 kilometres from where bin Laden
was eventually found and killed last month by US Navy SEALs.

Highly critical of Pakistan, Saleh said: "It should be
a hostile country, a hostile state".

Asked if he considered Pakistan the enemy of the US,
Saleh suggested that Pakistan has been the nerve centre of
many of America`s problems.

"The amount of pain Pakistan has inflicted upon the
United States in the past 12 years is unprecedented. No other
country has inflicted that amount of pain upon your nation,"
Saleh was quoted as saying.

"I mean, they generate fear for your country. They
take your money. They do not cooperate. They created the
Taliban. They are number one in nuclear proliferation, you
name it. Every pain (the) US has in that part of the world,
the hub of that is Pakistan," he said.


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