NATO head vows continuing support for Afghanistan

Anders Fogh Rasmussen wants to send more military trainers to Afghanistan.

Brussels: NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen pledged continuing support from the military alliance for Afghanistan after voters chose a new Parliament.

"NATO will continue its engagement on behalf of Afghanistan, as the people and government create a secure future for themselves and one that will also bolster international security," Rasmussen said in a statement distributed in Brussels.

He expressed his respect for the people of Afghanistan who turned out to vote despite violent threats and attacks.

A total of 11 civilians, four security personnel and 27 Taliban members were killed in blasts and firefights shortly after the voting began in the country`s 34 provinces, security officials in Afghanistan said.

Rasmussen on Friday called for sending more military trainers to Afghanistan, saying it was essential for the goal of transferring military responsibility in Afghanistan to the government in Kabul by 2014.

Rasmussen praised the work of the international troops, ISAF, who are in Afghanistan under the mantle of NATO.