Need for flood aid in Pakistan will continue: UN

The aid crisis caused by widespread summer flooding in Pak may continue for months, UN Chief said.

United Nations: The aid crisis caused by
widespread summer flooding in Pakistan may continue for
months, with remaining flood waters not expected to recede for
another three to five months, the UN humanitarian chief has

Valerie Amos, the undersecretary-general for humanitarian
affairs and emergency relief coordinator, recently returned
from Pakistan, where she surveyed relief efforts last week.

She told journalists that food, water and shelter are
still being provided to millions of people affected by the

"There is still a great deal to do," Amos said yesterday.
"People are still experiencing an acute emergency situation
that requires international attention."

The emergency relief coordinator said that humanitarian
access continues to be a problem in some areas because of
governmental worries about the security of aid workers amid
continued conflict.

She also said the UN and its partners have received
slightly less than half of the USD 1.94 billion they requested
for flood relief, and called on countries and international
organizations to provide the rest.

The renewed call for relief funds comes the week after
the US military ended its relief mission helping Pakistan
flood victims.

After the scale of the flooding disaster became apparent
in early August, American military helicopters flew hundreds
of missions in the northwest and in Punjab, dropping off food
and relief supplies and rescuing stranded people.

At their peak, the floods affected 20 million people
across the country.