Nepal launches 24-hour Hello Government programme

The Nepalese government, in a bid to directly connect with the ordinary people, launched a "Hello Government" programme.

Kathmandu: The Nepalese government, in a bid to directly connect with the ordinary people, launched a "Hello Government" programme on Sunday.

Now, the general people in Nepal can directly complain to the government about the difficulties and irregularities they face, Xinhua reported.

The service is accessible through toll-free phone number "1111" and fax number "1110" and is operational 24x7.

Talking to Xinhua, Joint Secretary in the Prime Minister`s Office (PMO) Pursottam Khanal said that the service has been highly acclaimed by the people and many people are calling.

"We are getting very nice response from the people for this innovative project," Khanal said.

According to the PMO, the service has been divided to four shifts with each one having a joint secretary, two people to answer the calls, a computer operator and an office helper.

"We will collect complaints, recommendations and the problems of the people which will be reported to the prime minister based on their importance," said Khanal.

He added that as per the received complaints, necessary action will be taken immediately to the concerned persons, ministers or any government offices.

Khanal said that many complaints were about the road maintenance in Nepal.

Apart from natural calamities and other problems, road accidents are the major problem that has been taking the lives of a large number of Nepali people.

"Complaints are also lodged over the irregularities in the account section of the government offices and also about corruption and the high prices of the internal airplane services," Khanal said.

Earlier, to connect with the people directly, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai had used his gmail account.

Necessary action was taken after the mails were received regarding many irregularities.

The prime minister had also held a direct conversation with the general people in Nepal and around the world via the National Radio of Nepal -- Radio Nepal which was broadcast live.