Nepal lawmakers meet Indian MPs for constitution drafting

Rajiv Shukla told reporters here that all major parties of Nepal participated in the discussion.

New Delhi: As Nepal is drafting its new constitution after its shift from monarchy to democracy, its law makers on Saturday discussed India`s model in an interaction with parliamentarians here seeking to have a better understanding of India "robust" federal structure.
"They raised the issue of federalism. They evinced interest in our "robust" model and asked us to share our experience and how it should be for they can remove the shortcomings which India has faced," Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla said.
He told reporters here that all major parties of Nepal participated in the discussion as part of efforts to further strengthen ties between the two countries.

"The discussions touched several other issues like how to increase trade and commerce, strengthen ties in the field of education and agriculture," he said.

The interaction, he said, was in keeping with the commitment by both the countries to have regular exchange of parliamentary delegations to share experiences, exchange views
on strengthening democratic norms and deepen bilateral relations.

JD-U leader and Rajya Sabha MP NK Singh said this was a very credible initiative by the two countries "given the new process of democratisation in Nepal and given the commonality
of the structures of government".

He said the interaction will seek to find new avenues of cooperation which are opening up and which can be mutually beneficial to Nepal and India.

"We in particular are exploring the areas of energy, water management, areas of travel and tourism, extension of Buddhist tourist circuit package where India and Nepal can
partner with each other", he added.