Nepal Maoist hardliner opposes disarming guerrilla

Vaidya said the Maoists` revolution would be complete only by establishing "Janabad" or peoples rule.

Kathmandu: Indicating a deepening rift in Nepal`s ruling Maoist party, hardline leader Mohan Vaidya "Kiran" on Sunday opposed the move to disarm the former gurrillas
and plans to return property seized during the decade-long
civil war in the country.

"The rift in the party was between the revolutionaries
and opportunists," he underlined, adding that he was not ready to compromise on principles and ideology of the party.

Underlining the need for `people`s revolution` in Nepal,
Vaidya said the Maoists` revolution would be complete only by
establishing "Janabad" or peoples rule.

He said the UCPN-Maoist aims "to empower people with
political, economic and cultural rights and safeguard national

"If these goals are not achieved, there would be a need
for people`s revolution, though the revolution was not the
priority of the Maoist party," he was quoted as saying by
state-run Gorkhapatra daily.

He rejected the idea of disarming the former combatants
and integrating them with the security forces on individual
basis. He also opposed the government`s plan to return
property seized during the decade-long conflict.

"We have not decided to return the property by deploying
police for the purpose without providing any alternative to
the tillers," he said.

Returning the property was one of the key issue agreed
upon by the major political parties, including the Maoists and
the Nepali Congress, as part of a key deal.

Vaidya described his opponents in the party as
opportunists and accused the party leadership of surrendering on the issue of principles.

He admitted that there is two line of struggle going on
within the Maoist party. He said serious discussions are going
on in the party to institutionalise the sacrifices made by the

Vaidya said he is in favour of a peace in which national
sovereignty and independence are ensured.
Meanwhile, Nepali Congress president Sushil Koirala
flayed the some of the Maoist leaders for suggesting

"The Maoists should understand the situation of the
modern day era," he said.

He said the Nepali Congress will never compromise in its
bid to establish pluralism and democracy. He urged the Maoists
to end the politics of guns.

Speaking at an interaction programme in Kaski district
in western Nepal, he asked the Maoist to play a constructive
role to conclude the peace process and draft a new
constitution on time.

He asked the Maoists to implement earlier agreements
related to peace process in order to conclude the peace


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