Nepal Maoists firm on demand for PM`s resignation

Amid deepening Nepal crisis, opposition Maoists on Thursday stuck to demand for PM Madhav Kumar Nepal`s resignation.

Last Updated: May 27, 2010, 21:23 PM IST

Kathmandu: Amid deepening political crisis
in Nepal, opposition Maoists on Thursday stuck to their demand for
Premier Madhav Kumar Nepal`s resignation, saying they would
not back extension of the tenure of the Constituent Assembly
tasked with drafting a new Constitution till he steps down.

A day before the expiry of the 601-member Assembly`s
term, the single largest party with 229 parliamentary seats
said it would not endorse the bill for the extension of the
House`s tenure unless its demand is met.

"Our party has decided that unless the Prime Minister
tenders his resignation we cannot support the bill to extend
the tenure of the Constituent Assembly," Maoist spokesman
Dinanath Sharma said after his party`s crucial Standing
Committee meeting.

Prime Minister Nepal, however, ruled out his resignation,
saying there should not be any condition for the extension of
the term of the Constituent Assembly.

"We cannot endorse the bill to extend the Constituent
Assembly`s term in the status quo," Sharma said.

He said the Maoist Standing Committee has decided that
unless it is guaranteed that a new Constitution would be
drafted and the peace process complete, the party cannot
endorse the extension of the term of the Constituent Assembly.

Unless the Prime Minister resigns, there is no guarantee
that the new Constitution would be promulgated and the peace
process would move ahead, he said.

The 22-party ruling alliance does not seem to be serious
about extending the term of the Constituent Assembly, he said.

Sharma claimed that the government also did not present
itself seriously during its recent talks with the Maoists on
resolving the political crisis.

He, however, said the Maoists would not back track from
the peace process even if the Constituent Assembly is

President Ram Baran Yadav, who met Maoist chief
Prachanda, Nepali Congress leader Shushil Koirala and
CPN-UML`s Jhala Nath Khanal this morning, asked the top
parties to forge consensus on the continuation of the
Constituent Assembly, warning that a failure to do so would
plunge Nepal into a "bigger political crisis".