Nepal PM comes under attack from coalition partners

Mahato`s remarks came in the wake of the agitation launched by NC, CPN-UML and other political parties seeking Bhattarai`s ouster.

Updated: Jun 29, 2012, 22:10 PM IST

Kathmandu: With the opposition already baying for his blood, Nepal Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai on Friday came under fresh attack from a Madhesi ally over his remarks on not giving up power until the next polls that have compounded mistrust and aggravated the political crisis.

Senior Madhesi leader and health minister in the ruling coalition, Rajendra Mahato said the premier should not create obstacles in the way of formation of a consensus government.

Expressing serious reservations over Bhattarai`s remarks that his caretaker government would continue till a new government was elected, the Sadbhawana Party president said such remarks go against consensus politics.

"I do not subscribe to the Prime Minister`s recent remarks that the caretaker government would conduct the CA elections in November and it would continue till the election, as such remarks are against the five-point agreement reached among major parties few months ago," he told reporters today.

Mahato`s remarks came at a time when Bhattarai has been criticised for his remarks from all quarters, including Maoist party supremo Prachanda.

"The current political crisis cannot be resolved without forging consensus among political parties and the Prime Minister should not stand on the way to consensus," Mahato, whose party supports the Bhattarai government, said.

"This government will remain in power till a new government is formed through consensus among political parties", said Mahato, who held consultations with Maoist chief Prachanda, Nepali Congress president Sushil Koirala and Bhattarai in an attempt to find a way out of the crisis.
Though "I don`t agree with the view of the opposition parties that this government is illegitimate, the Prime Minister should not in any way create obstacle to forming national government through consensus among all political parties," he said.

Mahato, however, added that it was meaningless to demand resignation from the caretaker Prime Minister, whose term automatically expires once a new government is in place through consensus among the political parties.
Mahato`s remarks came in the wake of the agitation launched by NC, CPN-UML and other political parties seeking Bhattarai`s ouster.

Mahato expressed confidence that the current impasse will end in a month or two after political parties agree to a package deal to form a national government and promulgation of federal constitution through consensus.

There are two alternatives to promulgate the constitution, either by reinstating the Constituent Assembly for a brief period or by holding fresh elections to the Constituent Assembly and converting the CA to the Parliament after promulgating the constitution, he pointed out.