Nepal SC stays govt decision on wartime land deals

The Maoist`s Revolutionary Council had brokered more than 12000 land and property deals in five mid-western districts.

Kathmandu: Nepal`s Supreme Court on Tuesday
stayed a controversial decision of the government to legalise
land transactions sanctioned by the former rebels` parallel
administration during the decade-long civil war, a ruling seen
as a setback to the Maoist-led coalition.

A Supreme Court bench of Justices Kalyan Shrestha,
Damodar Sharma and Tahir Ali Ansari stayed the government
decision to legalize the land transaction under the
"Revolutionary Council", the Maoists` parallel administration,
Myrepublica online, the website of Republica newspapers

On January 12, the Nepal Cabinet decided to distribute
land ownership certificates for plots purchased, sold and
transferred by the "Revolutionary Council" during the
decade-long insurgency that ended in 2006.

The Maoist`s Revolutionary Council had brokered more
than 12,000 land and property deals in five mid-western
districts during the insurgency, according to earlier reports.

Opposition parties, including the second largest Nepali
Congress party and the largest communist party, Nepal
Communist Party-UML, had stepped up pressure on the government
to revoke the decision to provide legitimacy to the properties
purchased, sold, and distributed by the former rebels.

Analysts say the latest ruling is a setback to the
Maoists` attempt to give a legal framework to their illegal
activities during the civil war in the country.

Nepali Congress president Sushil Koirala earlier said that it was a straight breach of the 2006 Comprehensive Peace
Accord and other agreements related the peace they had signed
in the past.

The Maoists, who joined mainstream politics after the
2006 peace deal with the interim government led by G. P.
Koirala, won the largest number of parliamentary seats in the
April 2008 general elections.


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