Nepalese woman wants to climb highest peaks in 7 continents

A Nepali girl, is now aiming to climb the highest peaks in all 7 continents.

Kathmandu: Junita Sambahamphe, a
Nepali girl in her twenties, is now aiming to climb the
highest peaks in all seven continents, following the footsteps
of a South Korean woman climber who achieved the feat late
last month.

Sambahamphe, who made it to the summit of the world`s
highest peak 8,848 metre high Mt Everest last year, leaves for
Moscow tomorrow to start her adventure odyssey by attempting
to scale the 5,642 metres Mt Elbrus at the western Caucasus
mountain range in Georgia in Europe.

She wants to replicate the feat of 44-year-old South
Korean climber Oh Eun-Sun who did the impossible by becoming
the first woman to scale world`s 14 highest peaks. The Korean
climber reached the feat by scaling 8,091 metre high Mt
Annapurna in western Nepal.

"After the ascent of the Everest, I have dreamt of
scaling the highest mountains in seven continents", she said
at a press conference here on Friday.

She wants to become the first Nepalese woman to climb
the highest peaks in all seven continents, a no mean feat, in
a nation where the exploits of sherpa`s on the icy heights
have become almost a folklore.

"I have decided to scale the seven highest peaks to
make Nepal and Nepalese people known the worldover. My effort
will help in promoting mountain tourism in Nepal ahead of
Nepal Tourism Year 2011 which aims to attract one million
tourists," she said.

She said during her journey to the mountains, she will
also spread the message of reducing carbon emission by the
developed countries.

"I will ask the international communities to reduce
carbon emission and to save the Himalayas."

She faces shortage of funds but this has not deterred
her from undertaking the adventure saying she was confident of
achieving success.

She will also climb Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in
Africa and De Nali of USA as part of her ambitious
expeditions, which is expected to complete by 2013.