New evidence of war crimes by Sri Lankan troops

The clip is part of a new video evidence which has emerged linking government forces to the war-crimes.

Colombo: A video clip of a naked body later identified as a popular Tamil Tiger run TV news reader has touched off a demand for United Nations investigations into the alleged war-crimes by Sri Lankan security forces during the final stages of the civil war.

The clip is part of a new video evidence which has emerged linking government forces to the war-crimes and an human rights watch group said that this warrants an international probe.

The New York based Human Rights Watch said the grisly contents of the five-minute video clip aired by Britain`s channel 4 points to blind folded naked men and women being shot at close range.

The video also shows blood splattered body of a naked Tamil girl later identified as Isaippriya, a news reader with the Tamil Tiger run rebel news station. The clip also showed dozen other men and women, some with their hands tied lying dead besides her.

The Rights Group claimed that the video linked Sri Lanka`s army`s 53rd division with the war-crimes as the formation had conducted the final sweep with boxed-in rebels on a small strip of beach in the Mullaitivu.

The New York-based Human Rights watch (HRW) said it has seen a longer version of a video broadcast by a British television network last month showing the execution of a dozen people.

"Human Rights Watch has obtained a longer version of a video broadcast on November 30, 2010, by British Channel 4, and photographs of the same incident from other sources.

"The videos and photos show what appear to be the summary execution of prisoners by government troops.

At least a dozen dead bodies are visible," HRW said adding that the army`s 53rd division was allegedly responsible.

Human Rights Watch has received independent confirmation from multiple sources, including family members, identifying one of the dead women in the photographs and video as Isaippiriya.