New US Ambassador arrives in Pakistan

New US Ambassador-designate to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, arrived here today.

Islamabad: New US Ambassador-designate to
Pakistan, Cameron Munter, arrived here today at a time when
Islamabad is facing increasing pressure from Washington to go
after Taliban and al Qaeda operatives in their stronghold of
North Waziristan.

Munter is scheduled to present his credentials to
President Asif Ali Zardari on October 27.

Munter arrived from Washington, where he recently
participated in the third US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue
meetings. A career diplomat, Munter completed a tour of duty
at the American embassy in Baghdad in August.

He served in Baghdad first as Political-Military
Minister-Counsellor in 2009 and then as Deputy Chief of
Mission for the first half of 2010.

He also served as Ambassador in Belgrade during
2007-2009. Munter`s wife Marilyn Wyatt, who has extensive
experience working with non-profit organisations and
communications, is a former US diplomat and she will be
working with the US Agency for International Development in

Munter will replace Anne Patterson as the US envoy at
a time when the American military is calling for the Pakistan
Army to move into North Waziristan, where US drone attacks
have significantly increased since September.

Pakistan has made it clear that a decision on
launching an offensive in the tribal region will be decided on
the basis of its capabilities and national interests.