No plan to designate Haqqani network as terror group: US

Hillary Clinton earlier slapped sanctions on Badruddin Haqqani.

Washington: The US has currently no plans to designate Pak-based terror network Haqqani network, as a foreign terrorist organisation (FTO), even as it on Thursday slapped sanctions against Badruddin Haqqani, a "dangerous" commander of the outfit.

The clarification on the Haqqani network came on a day on which Hillary Clinton, slapped sanctions against Badruddin, one of its top operational commanders.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier slapped sanctions on Badruddin, who belongs to the militant organisation, which is a Taliban-affiliated group that operates from North Waziristan Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

"As a result of the designation, all property subject to US jurisdiction in which Badruddin Haqqani has any interest is blocked and US persons are prohibited from engaging in any transactions with him," the State Department said in a statement.

This action will help stem the flow of financial and other assistance to this "dangerous individual", it said.

Clarifying on the sanctions on Haqqani network, State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, said, "At this point there are no plans to designate the Haqqani Network as a foreign terrorist organisation. As you know, we don`t generally talk about that process."

"Our actions are focused on targeting the key individuals within the Haqqani Network and, again, isolating them, limiting their access to financing and et cetera," he said.

Badruddin is the son of HQN founder Jalaluddin Haqqani and his brothers are Nasiruddin Haqqani and Sirajuddin Haqqani, all Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Designating Haqqani network, as a foreign terrorist organisation would result in a wide range of global sanctions against this Pakistan-based terrorist outfit, which top US officials have publicly said has been a threat to American interests in Afghanistan.Notably Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a recent interview to the Dawn newspaper had said that Haqqani network is receiving support from the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Analysts say any designation of Haqqani network as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation would make it legally binding on the US to take action against the ISI, because of the statement of Mullen; which they believe is based on specific and strong intelligence information.

"Our executive order would address any assets that he holds under US jurisdiction. It would freeze them essentially, and also prohibit any US citizens to engage with him in any of these transactions.

So, again, this is part of a broader effort, international effort, to cut off his ties, cut off his business dealings, cut of his access to funding, et cetera," he said.

When referred to the very fact that US officials have talked openly in the past about possible links between the ISI and Haqqani Network, Toner said these are concerns that have been talked about publicly before.

"Our effort is focused on trying to put pressure on the Haqqani Network, to limit their access to funding, financing; to limit their business dealings and to limit the areas where they can seek refuge in order to put pressure on an organisation that is a serious threat both to Afghanistan as well as to coalition forces there," he said.


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