No plans to launch political career now: Bilawal

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari wants to continue his academic, political education.

Islamabad: President Asif Ali Zardari`s son Bilawal on Thursday night announced that there is no plan to launch his political career during a meeting to be held in Britain this week as he intended to continue his "academic and political" education.

In a statement issued from London, Bilawal said he had made the announcement because there had been some "inaccurate" reporting about the launching of his political career during a meeting to be organised by the ruling Pakistan People`s Party in Birmingham on Saturday.

Referring to the media reports, the 21-year-old Bilawal, who is also chairman of the PPP, said: "This is not true. In fact, I will not even be attending the event (in Birmingham) and instead I will be opening a donation point at the Pakistani High Commission in London for victims of the terrible floods which have ravaged northern Pakistan."

"As for my future plans, I intend to continue my education both academic and political. I am currently looking into the possibilities of studying law, just as my grandfather (late president) Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did."

Bilawal said he felt "an understanding of law and an appreciation for the rule of law is important for any politician seeking to strengthen democracy in Pakistan".

Noting that he had been "inundated" with requests for interviews from the British media, Bilawal said the press had agreed to allow him to continue with his education without being disturbed after his mother, slain former premier Benazir Bhutto`s assassination in 2007.

"I hope this courtesy will be extended until I complete my further education as well. I do look forward to working with the media, the international community and, most importantly, the people of Pakistan in the future to achieve our shared goals of strengthening democracy in Pakistan and combating the forces of extremism that robbed me of my mother and threaten the world today," he said in the statement.

The Pakistani and international media had reported that Bilawal`s political career would be launched during the meeting in Birmingham that will be addressed by President Zardari.

Under Pakistani laws, Bilawal will be able to contest elections after four years when he turns 25.


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