Obama calls Karzai ahead of Afghan war review: Kabul

US Prez discussed the review of the war in Afghan with his counterpart, with both stressing a "focus on the sanctuary of terrorists".

Kabul: President Barack Obama discussed the
US review of the war in Afghanistan with Afghan counterpart
Hamid Karzai on Thursday, with both stressing a "focus on the
sanctuary of terrorists", Kabul said.

The phrase is an apparent reference to Pakistan`s
semi-autonomous tribal belt on the Afghan border, which is a
base for Taliban fighters operating in Afghanistan and the
global headquarters of al Qaeda.

Obama called Karzai and the two agreed that security
improvements in some areas must be built upon further,
Karzai`s office said.

The United States is expected to say today that its
strategy against the nine-year Taliban insurgency is on track
in the review of the surge implemented last year which saw an
extra 30,000 US troops sent to Afghanistan.

"Both presidents agreed that security gains had been
made in many areas in Afghanistan and that improvements in
security and stability in some provinces required to be
consolidated," the statement said.

"Both presidents also emphasised that a sustainable
success required focus on the sanctuary of the terrorists."

US-led troops are fighting to reverse the Taliban
insurgency against Karzai`s government, which is supported by
the West.


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