Obama firm in dismantling Qaeda, Taliban from Afghanistan

The United States now focuses entirely on Afghanistan after Iraq withdrawal.

Washington: President Barack Obama on Friday underlined his determination to dismantle al Qaeda and the Taliban terror network from Afghanistan so that the American homeland is never attacked again from the restive nation.

Now focusing entirely on Afghanistan after the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq, Obama said America is in the midst of a difficult and important project in this war-torn country to defeat and dismantle al Qaeda and the Taliban.

He said the US was in the midst of a very difficult but very important project in Afghanistan.

"I just want to remind people why we`re there," he said, on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.

"We`re there because that was the place where al Qaeda launched an attack that killed 3,000 Americans, and we want to make sure that we dismantle al Qaeda and that Afghanistan is never again used as a base for attacks against Americans and the American homeland,” the President said in response to a question at his White House press conference yesterday.

Acknowledging that the US Afghan policy was diverted for seven years during the previous Bush administration, Obama said he is moving towards a political settlement in Afghanistan.

"We are going to promote a political settlement in the region that can help to reduce the violence. We are going to encourage an Afghan government that can deliver services for its people," he said.

"And we`re going to try to make sure that, as part of helping President Karzai stand up a broadly-accepted, legitimate government, that corruption is reduced," Obama said.