Osama`s son lived in Karachi `safe house` with wife in 2002

Saed bin Laden lived in Karachi just three months after the 9/11 attacks in the US.

Karachi: One of the sons of the world`s most
wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden lived in a safe house in
Pakistan`s biggest city Karachi with his wife and child just
three months after the 9/11 attacks in the US, according to a
classified interrogation report of a Guantanamo Bay detainee.

The report, part of the hundreds released by
whistle-blower website Wikileaks, say Pakistani authorities in
2002 had discovered over 20 passports, most of which were
valid, belonging to the wives and children of bin Laden during
a raid conducted at an al Qaeda safe house.

The information was given by Abdul Rabbani Abu Rahman who
is alleged to have closely worked for bin Laden and managed
things for the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

He is also alleged to have worked directly for Khalid
Sheikh Mohammad, one of the main accused in the attack on the
twin towers in New York.

As per the details of the report prepared on June 9,
2008, Rahman was arrested in a joint operation by Pakistan`s
military-run intelligence agency ISI and securitymen on
September 10-11, 2002.

He was moved to Guantanamo Bay two years after his
arrest after having been questioned in Pakistan and

"Detainee admitted working directly for Khalid Sheikh
Muhammad... as an al Qaeda facilitator from early 2000
to September 2002.

"Detainee`s duties included managing several Karachi,
Pakistan (PK), safe houses. Detainee had direct access with
many high-level al Qaeda members, including Osama bin Laden;
Ayman al-Zawahiri; Muhammad Atef aka (Abu Hafs al-Masri); and
Nashwan Abd al-Razzaq Abd al-Baqi, aka (Abdul Hadi
al-Iraqi)..." the report signed by a Rear Admiral said.

The report said Rahman met bin Laden on numerous
occasions. He met bin Laden twice at the Kandahar Airport in
Afghanistan and twice at the al Qaeda leader`s guesthouse near
the Kandahar Airport.

The detainee reported that bin Laden`s son, Saed bin
Laden, "lived in Karachi with his wife and son, from January
2002 through at least June 2002."

"KU-10024 (a code used for another detainee) provided a
safe haven for Saed in Karachi. While Saed was there, he would
occasionally come with KU-10024 to one of the detainee`s safe
houses located at house number D-255, Block 13 D1,
Gulshan-I-Iqbal, Karachi," the report said.

It said during a raid on Rahman`s safe house located on
Tariq Road here, Pakistani authorities discovered over 20
individually wrapped passports, most of which were valid
passports belonging to the wives and children of Osama bin
Laden, stored next to remotely-activated electronic

The report said Rahman admitted that his guesthouses were
frequented by multiple senior al Qaeda members, such as bin
Laden`s security chief Hamza al-Ghamdi; al Qaeda military
operations supreme commander Muhammad Salah al-Din Abd
al-Halim Zaydan aka (Sayf al-Adil); USS Cole bombing
mastermind Abd al-Rahim Hussayn Muhammad al-Nashiri aka
(Mullah Bilal) among others.

Rahman helped facilitate the movement in Pakistan of 17
of the 19 individuals who conducted the September 11
attacks. He did not admit having knowledge of their mission,
but did admit picking up some of them up at airports,
arranging a safe house and transporting some of them to their
next destination.

As per the evaluation of Rahman`s account, the report
said, he had been forthcoming in the past about his role as a
facilitator and his associations among the highest levels of
the al Qaeda outfit, which has been corroborated by "numerous"
Guantanamo Bay detainees.

"Detainee has also provided a few details of terrorist
operations. However, detainee`s account is inaccurate and
his timeline is inconsistent with other reporting so he may
still be withholding information regarding these plots," it


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