Pak Army needs time for introspection: Pentagon

Pak should be given some time and space for introspection in the aftermath of the US raid in Abbottabad, top Pentagon official said.

Washington: Pakistan Army and its Chief
General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani should be given some time and
space for introspection in the aftermath of the US raid in
Abbottabad that killed al-Qeada chief Osama bin Laden and the
developments since then, top Pentagon official said on Friday.

"What he`s (Kayani) going through right now, what the
Pakistani military is going through right now, obviously, is
considerable introspection based on recent events. That makes
a lot of sense to me. They`ve got some questions," Admiral
Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told

"I know General Kiyani well enough to know what he cares
about the most is not himself. What he cares about the most is
his institution. Leaders throughout the world and certainly in
this case we share that with him," he said, responding to
media reports that there might be a coup against Kayani inside
his army.

"I think we need to give it a little time and a little
space, as they, go through this introspection. I think there
will be opportunities for the relationship to improve."

The official said certainly, the challenges are not going
to go away and "I believe we have to be very careful now in
terms of the relationship. Were it to break, or were we to
walk away, I think it`s a matter of time before the region is
that much more dangerous, and there would be a huge pull for
us to have to return to protect our national interests."

From his perspective nothing has changed in terms of the
criticality of the relationship.

"Certainly I have a very strong personal relationship
with General Kiyani and I consider him a friend, but it`s not
just the personal relationship, because I have a very strong
professional relationship, nor is mine the only relationship
in our military-to-military relationship between the two
countries," he added.


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