Pak Army waits tribal uprising in N Waziristan

Ahmedzai Wazir tribes joined ranks of good Taliban commander Mullah Nazir to take up arms against Uzbek terrorists.

Peshawar: Pakistan Military awaits the ‘Wana-like uprising’ against foreign militants by Wazir and Dawar tribes in North Waziristan, where US seeks action against the Haqqani network, tribal elders and military officials said.

“We hope North Waziristan tribes follow in the steps of Ahmedzai Wazirs to oust the foreign terrorists,” a newspaper quoted senior Army officials, as saying on the condition of anonymity.

“Yes, we are hoping it happens sooner than later,” added the military officials, as they expressed support for such action by the tribes to minimise chances of any Army action the government may contemplate, if the situation does not get better.

In spring 2007, Ahmedzai Wazir tribes joined ranks of ‘good’ Taliban commander Mullah Nazir to take up arms against Uzbek terrorists, who unleashed a reign of terror in Wana, Azam Warsak and Kalosha towns in South Waziristan.

Army commanders on the ground have been encouraging the tribes to follow the Ahmedzai Wazir tribes, but the ground reality appears quite in contrast to South Waziristan, where the local tribes stood united behind Mullah Nazir.

“The North Waziristan situation is complex, as local tribes lack unity and the group which may lead the uprising is hostage to the foreign militants, and [the] element of money (from al Qaeda) is also impeding the likelihood of any such eventuality,” military officials added.

Meanwhile, the threat of use of force has eventually worked to get the key tribes moving against “unwanted elements,” a reference used for foreign terrorists linked to al Qaeda and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), tribal elders said.

Major General Ghayur Mehmood, General Officer Commanding 7 Division, told Wazir and Dawar tribes that he won’t hesitate to launch military action against foreign terrorists, if local tribes do not meet their responsibility under tribal norms.

“We have pledged to keep these unwanted elements out of North Waziristan and already mobilised chalwashti (warning party) against these elements,” the elders reported over a telephonic conversation from Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan.

The elders, added that General Ghayur is “very categorical” in saying that he would “not hesitate to order operation” if Utmanzai Wazirs and Dawars did not move against the foreign terrorists and “if the status quo does not change”.


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